Meet Scout

Your child's new best friend combines ride-on toy fun with interactive pony play to create hours of imaginative play time and a lifetime of memories.

See Scout in Action!

Meet Rideamals Scout Play and Ride Pony
Get ready to build a lifetime of memories! Ride, feed, dance and groom, Scout does it all.

Rideamals Scout Product Overview
Meet Scout, a new kind of interactive ride-on toy and your kid’s new best friend!

How to Play with your Rideamals Scout
Learn tips and tricks to make the most of your playtime with Rideamals Scout.

Take Scout for a fun ride

Choose from two speeds up to 4 mph, then press the horseshoe to hear Scout’s special riding songs.

Feed Scout a tasty snack

Carrots and apples are Scout’s favorites. Listen for the chomp-chomping (and
maybe even a burp).

Keep Scout looking good

You can brush Scout’s mane. Wiggles and neighs let you know Scout loves to be groomed.

Dance with Scout

Two-steppin’ is one of Scout’s specialties. Start the music, join in and see all the sweet moves—yee-haw!

Show Scout the love

From happy wiggles to sweet neighs, you can see and hear the joy all over Scout’s face when being petted.

Bring Scout along for the walk

Scout can move easily on everything from carpet to sidewalks. Simply take the reins and lead on!

More Than
Horsing Around

Imaginative play is an important part of childhood development:

Supports social & emotional growth

Increases language usage

Expands communication, empathy & problem-solving skills

Enhances physical development

Leads to creativity

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