See Josie in Action!

Take Josie for a fun ride

Choose from two speeds up to 4 mph, then press the heart to hear Josie’s special riding songs.

Show Josie the love

From happy wiggles to sweet neighs you can see and hear the joy all over Josie’s face when being petted.

Keep Josie looking good

You can brush Josie’s mane. Wiggles and neighs let you know Josie loves to be groomed.

Dance with Josie

Two-steppin’ is one of Josie’s specialties. Start the music, join in and see all the sweet moves.

Feed Josie a tasty snack

Cupcakes are Josie’s favorite! Listen for the chomp-chomp (and maybe even a burp).

Take Josie for a stroll

Josie loves to go for walks! Pull the reins to get Josie to trot along behind you.