Dodge Police Car

The Kid Trax Battery-Powered Ride-On provides plenty of play and fun for your little ones. It drives on flat, smooth surfaces and has two speeds as well as reverse so that they can maneuver around obstacles and feel the wind in their hair. This ride-on police car is designed for kids under 120 lbs. It has plenty of fun features, such as siren sounds, a working megaphone and flashing emergency lights, that are all powered by one 12-volt battery. It can get up to a speed of at least 5 mph, so that they can pretend they are chasing down the bad guys. This Kid Trax police car is made of a durable plastic material that can withstand daily use. It has a realistic appearance and design to help pique their imagination.

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Total Riders1

Age Range3-7 Years

Battery 12-Volt

Max. Weight 120 lbs

Speed Forward 5 Mph

Speed Reverse 2.5 Mph

Color(s) Black

Authentic Licensed Design Dodge Charger

Flashing Lights and Siren

Light Up Mock Police Computer Screen

Real Working Car Doors Open for Easy Entry

Working megaphone PA system

Oversized Chrome Rims

Electronic Sound Effects: Ignition, Revving, and Acceleration Police Headquarters Dispatch

Power Trax™ Traction Strip Tires for Go Anywhere Performance

Kid Trax Power Trax™ Rubber Traction Strip Tires

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