SRT Viper Convertible

The Dodge Viper 12 volt car is a must for your child. The Viper is equipped with Viper snake eyes and fang LED running lights, Dodge V10 electric engine sound simulation and horn sounds, deep bucket seats and roll bar for your child and friend to go for a drive. Working FM radio with MP3 player input, two working doors, Kid Trax Power Trax rubber traction strip tires for sound traction and the Kid Trax direct connect 6 Volt charging system is a breeze to operate. Battery charge indicator as well as 12 volt wall charger included. Maximum speed is 5 MPH.

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Total Riders2

Age Range3-7 Years

Battery 12-Volt

Max. Weight 130 lbs

Speed Forward 5 Mph

Speed Reverse 2.5 Mph

Color(s) Blue

Authentic Licensed Design Dodge Viper

FM Radio with MP3 Player Input

Kid Trax Power Sounds™ Dodge v10 Real Time Engine Sound Simulation

Viper Snake Eyes & Fangs L.E.D Running Lights

Electronic Horn Sound

Battery Charge Indicator

Two Opening Doors

Kid Trax Direct Connect™ One Step Battery Charging System

Kid Trax Power Trax™ Rubberized Traction Strip Tires

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